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What is appendectomy?

Appendectomy is the surgical procedure to remove the appendix, a small, finger shaped pouch that is located at the cecum. It is a standard surgery treatment for appendicitis and the patients. Generally, it recovers form appendectomy without the expertise complications. A ruptured appendix has been considered as a medical emergency. There are such information which are related to the appendectomy procedure in case you are not understand these information that time you need to contact the surgeon at Thailand. So, the doctors can elaborated the procedure of this function. According to this procedure you are having two processes to fix your problem in good way, and these two procedures are:
· Open Appendectomy Procedure
· Laparoscopy Appendectomy procedure
So, you can choose the best opting through the surgeon at Thailand. Appendix is the small, finger like appendage, which sits at juncture of small as well as large intestines. Prior to antibiotics appendectomy or else removal of appendix was one of most common surgical methods.
The symptoms of the possible appendectomy include the tenderness in lower abdomen, loss of the appetite, fever as well as nausea. As, function of appendix is removing the harmful germs, ideally appendix must get treated & retained through the antibiotic medicine. Care should be taken during the treatment to avoid appendix bursting peritonitis that which is the infection of abdomen. The doctors generally look for the elevated white blood cell count, as well as rebound tenderness for the diagnosis of appendicitis.
Two kinds of the surgery exist for the appendectomy, one is open appendectomy other is the laparoscopic appendectomy. Appendectomy is surgical removal of appendix, small, finger shaped pouch, which is situated at cecum (junction between large & small intestines). Surgery is standard treatment for the appendicitis (inflammation & infection of appendix) as well as patients generally recover from the appendectomy without even experiencing the complications. The ruptured appendix is been considered as medical emergency. The surgeons make use of two surgical methods, open appendectomy and laparoscopic appendectomy. Choice of the method is made by surgeon on case by case basis. The general anesthesia  (agent, which renders patient unconscious) is been used in both the procedures.

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