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Angioplasty Thailand –You’re Heart Well To Feel Well!

Angioplasty in Thailand is a technique used for dilate an area of arterial obstruction with the help of the catheter that has an inflatable little sausage shaped balloon at its tip. The Angioplasty injected through the skin of the groin, and sometimes the arm is inserted within a blood vessel. It is applied during the procedure of the coronary arteries, and the technique is also known as PTCA.

How much take time to accomplish the surgery?

The duration of this procedure is 30 minutes to 3 hours to perform the whole process. The time is depending upon the technical conflict of the case and the number of balloon catheters that have to be employed. So, it is the best way to solve your problem in fabulous way. One of most helpful things have happened in 20 to 30 years for the heart patient is Angioplasty and this is indispensable tool for any of the heart patient. Reason of the popularity is that it is not very expensive and not a lot of time taking & most important it is simple to use. However, as everybody knows where it is good, and bad things. Angioplasty is not an exception. Whereas it is very good for the heart patients it as well has a few side effects that we will see below.

One of main problem which is involved in the angioplasty is of tearing and bursting of artery because of unsustainably high pressure. This is reason of the total blockage & can lead to the heart attack. This is clot of blood that causes artery blocked and leading to stroke.

At times side effects of the angioplasty are kidney problem and we know X-rays makes use of iodine contrast dye that is very harmful for kidney. And to large extent treatment for this is giving patient intravenous fluids & medications before & after procedure. One more risk of Angioplasty is the abnormal heartbeat that is not good for the heart patient. In the procedure it is thought to be a cause of the heart attacks in three to five % of patients. When this situation arises, in these cases emergency bypass surgery of coronary artery is done.

One more side effects of the angioplasty is Restenosis and restenosis means the slow re-narrowing of blood vessels in next few days after doing Angioplasty. Though exact cause is shroud of cloud however, experts say that the blood clots occurring at and near site of the treatment can be a cause of the restenosis.

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