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Adam Apple Shaving Thailand – Get Back Your Soft Voice!

How the procedure has done?

The surgical procedure can be performed under local anesthesia. So, the patient can not feel any hardship throughout the treatment. There are a small slit is prepared in the small creases that protect the Adam’s apple, and it will make sure that only a small and visible scarring can linger after the surgical procedure.

What are the effects after the surgical procedure?

Therapeutic can take time nearby two weeks, and it is commonly the area can feel a little bit painful the first few days and the tolerant can have a little bit of a rough voice. So, the surgeon can offer to intake the Vitamin E so that the patient can have a soft voice after the treatment.    

Adam’s apple reduction is the procedure to reduce visibility & size of Adam's apple. Patients are men and women who feel very uncomfortable with size of the Adam's apple, and most often male 2 female trans gendered.

As Thailand has high rate of the trans-gendered persons, the local surgeons are experienced in the procedure.


Surgeon will then make use of scalpel to shave bits of cartilage and special care is placed not shaving off very much that can affect vocal cords. While done, surgeon can close wound with sutures. At times the steroids are applied to reduce the scarring.

Recovery after procedure

Healing can take round two weeks. Generally area can feel a little sore for some days and patient might have a little of raspy voice. At times massaging healing wound with the Vitamin E oil is suggested by surgeon and this can reduce the scar tissue.Occasionally patients report very difficulty swallowing and talking during healing phase. Recovering patients find that very difficult to reach the high notes when singing during the time.


The procedure is considered safe. But do consult the qualified doctor prior to deciding on procedure. In case, shaving goes deep, the permanent voice changes will happen.

Who are the candidates for Adam’s apple shave?

Common male 2 female transgendered persons generally apply for the Adam’s apple shave. However, also men & women who feel very uncomfortable about size of Adam’s apple may have this procedure. It is not at all recommended to have the Adam’s apple shaving when still in puberty, as Adam’s apple has not reached the final size yet. Always consult physician at your home first, prior to deciding on trip to Thailand for surgery.

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